We ensure secure communication with our customers using our domain email, ending with technothinksupinc.com. Please be cautious of emails from non-domain providers. To verify authenticity, reach out to us directly at info@technothinksupinc.com


Online Phishing Scam Notice

    1. At Technothinksup, we prioritize the security and trust of our customers. We have become aware of individuals operating under our name in various online platforms (Whatsapp & Telegram), engaging in fraudulent activities such as phishing scams.
    2. We want to assure you that Technothinksup is not associated with any of these fraudulent endeavors. We are actively collaborating with law enforcement agencies to address this issue swiftly.
    3. It’s important to note that Technothinksup  has a strict policy against soliciting work or offering employment opportunities through social media groups, direct messages, or any other unofficial channels. Any communication claiming to represent Technothinksup  and offering work-from-home opportunities, tasks, or employment is unequivocally a scam.
    4. Furthermore, we ensure secure communication with our customers through our verified domain email, ending with @info@technothinksupinc.com. Please exercise caution with emails from non-domain providers and always verify authenticity by reaching out to us directly at info@info@technothinksupinc.com.
    5. These people conduct scams by using our brand name to offer part-time jobs on WhatsApp or Telegram. Beware of this type of scam; Technothinksup  does not offer anything like that.
    6. If you encounter such scams, please complain about it to “abuse@telegram.org” (for Telegram scams) and click on the “Report” option on WhatsApp directly (for WhatsApp scams).
    7. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in safeguarding the integrity of Technothinksup and ensuring a secure online environment for all.


If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us through our official channels:

Website: https://technothinksupinc.com/

Email: info@technothinksupinc.com


These deceptive practices have also been highlighted in prominent media outlets such as:


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